by Micah | February 12, 2013
Working Student, School Environment, Flexibility/Lifestyle
I used to be home schooled by my Mom. At times it got annoying. Well it was always annoying. With K12 my Mom still helps me with school, but when she is not there I can still be on task. Doing things on my own. She can go places and know I will be able to do things. Also with K12 the lessons are different. With home school every year it felt like I did the exact same thing with one new lesson. With K12 I can also do cool labs. Something else is I am learning Spanish. In home school all I had was a Spanish dictionary. the fact that it is online a they send me a computer is awesome. I am a huge computer nerd even if I don't look it. The only other computer in our house is an ancient dinosaur that moves a bit a hour. Because my schedule is so flexible I can take school off if my friends have it off. Because there is a word processor on the computer my papers are readable( I have horrible spelling and hand writing).
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