How the Rain Can Change You

by Angela | April 21, 2014
Poetry Contest 2014, Breakthrough Moments, From Struggling to Thriving, Go For Your Gold, English
As the clouds roll in, Everything turns black inside and out. The atmosphere turns dreary, I can't see the world around me clearly. The gentle noise of raindrops on my window ceil, Allows me to dream about my future to fulfill. Where will it take me? What's next in this life of mine? Although truth be told, Only the raindrops can tell you. "I'm lost," I realize what is true, And I cannot be found anywhere. Gradually falling from the sky one by one, Having a mission each time. I sit there by my window asking myself, "Am I like a raindrop? Do I have a mission?" This was many years ago, I am like a raindrop- this I now know.
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