And then he smiled...

by Bryan | February 12, 2013
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Our incredible son was diagnosed in Kindergarten with neurological disorders. He can & does learn, but he needs more time to grasp ideas & put it all together. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL WAS AWFUL, BUT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING COULD HAVE PREPARED US FOR THE COMPLETE APATHY WE RECEIVED IN MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL. OUR SON was viciously bullied (physically & emotionally) & was placed in Juniors HONORS CLASSES BECAUSE THEY HAD RUN OUT OF PLACES TO PUT HIM TO KEEP HIM SAFE. THEY put NO EFFORT INTO HELPING HIM TO PASS THESE CLASSES; it was just a place to keep him out of their offices with HIS latest bullying injuries. The teacher told our Son "doodle, write, or draw; I don't care." When our son asked what his assignments were. THEN THE STAFF THAT STOOD ALONG SIDE US IN A QUEST TO GET BRYAN HIS LEGAL RIGHTS TO HELP WERE ALL FIRED, TRANSFERRED, OR BECAME INACCESSIBLE. ONE OF THEM CALLED US FROM HER PRIVATE HOME & EXPLAINED BRYAN WAS A LAWSUIT THREAT SO NO ONE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO ANYTHING FOR HIM (we never, mentioned suing, we just wanted him to get the education our taxes paid for). Then my son came home on a Thursday & sobbed " I don't think I belong in this world. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE." HE ROCKED BACK & FORTH UNCONTROLLABLY & I CLUNG TO HIM. THE MOST GUT WRENCHING HEARTBREAKING WORDS YOUR CHILD CAN SAY TO YOU & we felt absolutely powerless. THEN THE COMMERCIAL CAME ON, " Insight Schools of Washington can help you get your diploma!" I felt as if we had been given a gift, but I was still frightened BRYAN 'S NEUROLOGICAL/LEARNING DISORDERS WOULD KEEP HIM OUT. EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE HAPPENED. A GROUP OF QUALITY EDUCATORS & ADMINISTRATORS GAVE BRYAN AN INDIVIDUAL EDUCATION PLAN THAT FIT HIM PERFECTLY!! We got his computer & school textbooks & followed the directions to set him up as a student of Insight/K12. We got it all done & BRYAN received a "WELCOME TO INSIGHT!" EMAIL actually addressed to BRYAN. MY SON YELLED, "MOM, LOOK! It's TO me & I am their student now. (He actually never set foot back in that Public School after that "HEARTBREAKING THURSDAY" when we truly felt he might hurt himself). AND THEN HE LOOKED UP AT ME & SMILED. A REAL SMILE FROM HIS HEART & SOUL. BECAUSE HE HAD A HOME WHERE HE WAS WELCOMED AND COULD LEARN AT HIS PACE. AND HE HAS LEARNED--VERY, VERY SUCCESSFULLY. There are no words to thank you for how your school has changed all of our lives. BRYAN is safe, he is calm, his father & I are so proud of him. His sister's are proud of him too! Although BRYAN has PTSD due to what he went through, he goes to movies & the mall with his sisters & the best part is his incredible smile. HE IS GENUINELY HAPPY & NO LONGER SCARED OF THE KIDS WHO TOLD HIM," No matter what SCHOOL YOU go to we WILL FIND YOU!!" He is brave & strong & sure of the young man he has become. THANK YOU INSIGHT. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. PLEASE KEEP CHANGING LIVES LIKE BRYAN 'S.
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