K12 Skaters

by Raymond and Pablo | February 26, 2014
Athlete/Performer, Flexibility/Lifestyle, People Who Changed a Life
We have been best friends for a while. I (Ray) have been in CAVA for about 7 years and so far I love it. I introduced my best friend Pablo to CAVA. I (Pablo) have been in CAVA for 1 year now. At my commence, I wasn't really a big fan of the system. But know I'm liking it better because I get more time to skate with Ray, while doing school. As you can see, Pablo and I study together; and we help each other out. I (Ray) got pulled out of public school in my 4th grade for beating up bullies. I was the good guy. I (Pablo) was taken out of public school when Ray's mom told my mom about CAVA. And I hated it. But time soon told me that it would be more fun to be home all day! Now I'm sort of getting used to the whole CAVA system. It's pretty obvious that we skate. Well let me rephrase that, we skate... a lot. That's what we do after school, we skate. That's exactly why we love CAVA. Because we get more time to skate! Thanks CAVA. We will continue our journey, with CAVA at our side. Alright, we're gonna go skate now.
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