by Martha | January 17, 2014
Breakthrough Moments
What a Difference! I first enrolled my son in the middle of the school year in 3rd grade. The school my son attended was a charter school and they had changed their curriculum. The curriculum was not a good fit with my son. I felt he was not learning enough and placed in the wrong class. After the transition to K12, there were immediate results with my son. A boy who thought he was "dumb" turned into a boy who loved to read and is happy learning many things!!! My son now knows he is smart and is interested in many subjects. Since he has been in K12, the change in him is obvious. He now mentions things he has learned on a daily basis; whether it is at the grocery store, at night looking up at the sky or just walking down the street and noticing the different types of rocks. When we go to museums, he now sees things he hadn't noticed before. Art is a subject he is familiar with now and notices many drawings in magazine racks or in restaurants. This school has changed our lives immensely. I look in my son's eyes when he is learning something new and is interested is priceless!!! He not only is learning a lot but the rest of the family is enjoying learning all over again through his eyes and therefore learning more than before. I am so please with this school and recommend it to my friends and family.
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