The help she needed!

by Amy | January 15, 2014
Breakthrough Moments, Bullying, Family Values, Flexibility/Lifestyle, From Struggling to Thriving, Non-traditional Learner, School Environment
My daughter Jasmine, was falling behind and getting bad grades because her teachers did not know how to handle children with ADD and Learning disabilities. Since attending here, her self-esteem has raised and she is learning a lot more. Sure she is still falling behind in some courses but at least now she can learn the material, instead of oh well, you failed and never go back to it again. It is nice to be flexible with scheduling the course work and adjust the time spent on each course to fit her needs. We chose to do 1 course per day, so that she does not get confused on what she is to do. She is so much happier now and ready to sit down and learn. K12 has been such a great help with the Online classrooms, when she needs assistance from her teachers, and even the peer pressure is gone with now she is not afraid to ask even another student for help, because they do not see her and do not judge. It takes the fright out of everything. She participates in class, do to that reason, and enjoys the activities the class has to offer. The teachers try to make learning fun, and enjoyable wanting all kids to participate by playing games on chat like fire hydrant (where you type in your answer but do not hit enter till they say - to see who gets on first) She loves it. They send out awards for passing Study Island pathways, and get out of class free cards for doing so - it makes her feel that she accomplished something great! K12 has really improved her learning 100 times fold. Thank you!
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