by Beth | December 20, 2013
Back to School
A few years ago I was happily home schooling my two elementary aged children when my 5th grader made it clear he wanted to play high school soccer. This is not very feasible where we live so I searched for a curriculum to use which would definitely prepare him to exceed in a B&M school. I found k12. Even better I found that Georgia Cyber Academy used k12 curriculum, thereby giving me a FREE curriculum for my children. Well, long story short, I was so impressed with the program and the school that a few years after we started I applied to be an FSL (Family Support Liason). I was very lucky and blessed that GCA had decided that the following year there would be a new department of high school advisors and with my education background I got that job. Now almost 3 years later I have a wonderful job helping so many of YOU, a successful freshman son at our local high school and a thriving 7th grader still learning and being pushed by the strong curriculum provided to GCA by k12.
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