A True Zero Tolerance Policy

by Kristal | February 11, 2013
School Environment, Non-traditional Learner, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Homebound/Medical, Science
My son Blake was bullied when he started a new public school and due to an attack suffered a severe concussion. Due to that attack he was extremely afraid to return to school; I secretly shared his fears! The specialist told us if he received another brain injury, the damage could become permanent. Obviously K12 has eliminated the constant stress Blake was feeling, which definitely has helped in his recovery. However in certain areas his recovery is slow...at best. He continues to struggle cognitively when he tries to focus for very long and emotionally he may function as a12-year-old one moment and then as a 6-year-old the next. K12 works with us and within his limitations and his abilities. Blake's teachers are very understanding and kind. Sometimes he cannot do his schoolwork during normal hours due to his doctor appointments, and he tires easily when he tries to focus. I am so thankful to have found this school where I can have the peace of mind knowing my son is able to learn safely at the pace he is currently able, and that as his abilities improve and increase, so will his workload! Thank you K12 for providing a quality education custom-tailored to the needs of my family!!!
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