Every Child Is NOT The Same

by Misty | November 13, 2013
Advanced Learner, School Environment, Family Values, From Struggling to Thriving
Homeschooling was out of the question! That was until my mom got sick and I had to take my daughter out of school so I could take care of her. We spent the next 7 years going back and forth trying brick-and-mortar schools which we got aggrivated with for numerous reasons, homeschool curriculms which we couldn't find one we really liked, and then K12 in a different state the last year. It was great! Finally something that didn't bore my daughter or require me to constantly search for materials. When we moved right before starting high school she asked to attend regular school with her new step-sister and step-brother. She tested right on track and did great sociably. My youngest daughter had watched her sister do school work and wanted to work alongside even though not school age. By the time she was to start kindergarten I knew we would have a problem. I moved to a town that offered a high ability program for those who tested into it. The curriculm was great but some behavior from other kids was hard to deal with. Though she loved the education she would come home crying a lot. When I got married I drove her back and forth to her school with difficulty. The local school would not test her but told me all kids end up about the same anyways. Their excuse for not testing was they doubted she had the maturity to handle moving up one grade. They said this without ever speaking to her. TOTAL FRUSTRATION! She's very active and wants to learn everything. In a regular class she would get in trouble for being too active. They confuse boredom for behaviour problems. If a kid wants to learn, why hold them back? Why say this is all you can learn this year? I knew I couldn't do a regular homeschool curriculm with her and keep up with her on my own. I researched different options and decided on this. We love it! They tested her and listened to my concerns. They moved her to where she needed to be. The curriculm is great. She can zoom through what is easy for her and take her time on more difficult areas. The best part is the different methods meaning no boredom - bookwork, online work, games, parent led, teacher led, etc. I love being in the know on what she is studying. We feel more connected with each other now. Its all planned out for us and after just a couple weeks we felt very comfortable with it. Oh, and we love the field trips. Going to a basketball game and two plays in the next month with other Hoosier families. And YES I still get the house cleaned and even work some. Now one of my high school step-kids is asking if she can do this too.
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