My son having ADHD

by Janice | November 13, 2013
School Environment, From Struggling to Thriving, Science
My son Andrew just recently started K12 this year, after several different tries in different schools in SC. Andrew has ADHD with anxiety and is now in 4th grade. I decided to pull him out of his last school in October because he was having more than the usual problems he has always had not just with focusing but also his last teacher. It seems that because his teacher knew that Andrew had ADHD any time that he would be disruptive he would get written up. Since Andrew started kindergarten it felt like there was little hope for him to do well in the typical school setting and I decided that with his last and recent experience that we had, had too much. It was harming to Andrews self esteem and he no longer wanted to go to school because he was very afraid of getting in trouble even when he tried his best. We have been with k12 now for about a month and Andrew loves it. He can focus more and enjoys learning. I love it because I enjoy knowing exactly what he is learning and the one on one attention that he now has was definitely needed. He is excelling through K12 and loves participating in the class connects. While we have had little support in the decision that i have made to have him do online school I know for a fact that it is whats best for him and his needs. This was absolutely necessary for Andrew to succeed and I am so thankful that we made this choice.
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