My story

by Audrey | October 18, 2013
Advanced Learner, Bullying, From Struggling to Thriving
What is school all about? Isn’t that an interesting question? What is school supposed to be about? Learning, of course! That would be anyone’s first answer! But really think about it. Is that what school is really about, in this generation? Nope! Not even close! School has become more and more about friends and enemies and even worse than that- Bullies. In my experience with public school that is exactly what it was like. There were way too many distractions (that soon turned to real problems) that kept my concentration away from schoolwork. Let me start at the beginning. I began public school when I was 5, just like any other kid. I made normal friends and had good grades. I, however, never felt that I really fit in. Now, I want you to fast-forward a few years. 4th grade. I have switched schools 3 times now, but I’m still in public school. I read remarkably well and find math kind of boring. I like to learn but with all the distractions I can’t seem to stay straight. This is when science and writing struggles start popping up. And the bullying. The kids that I thought were my friends bullied me the worst and the teachers that were supposed to be there to help ignored my concerns, and made me feel like I was tattling for asking for help. I walked home everyday crying and each day thinking that tomorrow everything would get better. It never did. My mom had mentioned homeschooling before but I didn’t want to leave my “friends”. I was afraid that I wouldn’t get to graduate and I would have a harder time finding a collage. I refused my mom’s suggestion every time. But my problems got worse at a steady rate until I just could take it anymore. I finally gave in and let my mom pull me out of school. I tried homeschooling for about 2 years and didn’t enjoy it much. I could work at my own pace, but I didn’t feel like I was being challenged. I needed more curriculum. My mom was having trouble putting lessons together from scratch fast enough to meet my needs. So, we looked into home schooling programs and online schools. K12 seemed the best for us. We went to an information session and fell in love right away. My mom signed me up for a year to see how it went. I was shy at first, but now I love it. I have made SO many new friends, REAL friends. I am being challenged in both the subjects that I excel in and the ones that I struggle with. I have had the time and concentration to find ways to balance my academic and social life! These past few years I have found a new passion for writing and I have found friends who share that passion. And recently I have begun co-writing a book with my best friend! A book about two sisters, separated at birth and thrown into places they don’t belong. You may have heard of these sisters, their names are Snow White and Rose Red, and their story is about learning to keep your eye on your goal and about standing on your own -and sometimes fight back- without the help of a ‘prince charming’. I feel like this moral reflects what k12 has taught me. When you keep your head in the game and stand your ground you can find the confidence you need, despite those who try to take it away, to keep going and succeed. This year is my third year with ORVA, in the 8th grade, and I am doing great! I have found a way to balance my courses and find concentration and motivation. I have made tons of amazing friends who are just like me and have been through the same things I have. I want to thank all of my fabulous teachers (Especially Mrs. Atiyeh, my amazing writing teacher) and all of K12 for helping me succeed. THANK YOU!!!
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