Time & Management

by LeeAnn | September 25, 2013
Breakthrough Moments, People Who Changed a Life, From Struggling to Thriving
Finding my two grandchildren struggling in their schooling devastated me. How do you just allow an education to just fade away and see a couple of very smart kids think they are doomed. You can't. Their Attached-to-the-ground Public School didn't even notice. Their grades at the very bottom, their attendance low. I had to do something. It was a frantic move for our family. We must bring these two high school students out of the darkness. When we learned that K-12 existed, a family meeting was called. Christene & Jakob needed support to turn their grades and attention around. Their Dad worked long hours and with out his physical presence for more hours in the evenings, the downward cycle would continue. The family meeting concluded, that We, the Grandparents; could fill in the gap supporting Dad. Giving both kids support in all aspects of school studies and time management. All three of them moved in with us and we set up the spare room with desks, pencils, notebooks and tons of paper. When their computers arrived it was like Christmas. Although the beginning steps were a bit of a struggle as this routine was foreign to their lazier days, we managed the trek to the top of the hill. OMG, their first semester was hundred and eighty degree turn. The look on Jakob's face when he received a large envelope in the mail containing the; "Dean's Honor List for Outstanding Scholastic Achievement for the Fall Semester of 2012" was just short of fainting. Tears flowed, He was overwhelmed with this award. In his mind he was a failure before, always with his head down. By the time He finished reading that beautiful Blue Certificate, He grew at least three more inches in stature. He loved how hard he worked for those A's and B's and that Blue Certificate. Christene continued to grow in her time management. All the encouragement brought her better study habits and excitement to see completed assignments. Then one day she received a nice sized envelope in the mail. As she pulled out the blue Certificate, she screamed. Yes, Screamed! "Dean's High Honor List - for Outstanding Scholastic Achievement for the Spring Semester 2013". All A's one B. Again a moment overwhelmed with tears. Her whole attitude became confidence, ready to plan her college career, naming possibilities in Journalism, Psychology and Teaching. I absolutely love what K-12 CAVA allowed our family to accomplish in such a short time. We are so proud of these two fantastic students, Every Teacher and counselor gave time and encouragement unselfishly. Because of their hard work and time, two more intelligent, educated humans will enter adult life better equipped for their next phase with confidence. Thank You K-12 CAVA - Every one of you! Staff, Support, Counselors, Teachers We will be Forever Grateful.
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