How OHVA helped our WHOLE family

by Kelly | September 24, 2013
Advanced Learner, Bullying, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Breakthrough Moments, Homebound/Medical, From Struggling to Thriving
Ethan is our Veteran. He has been in OHVA for 3 years. He has intractable epilepsy and his public school could not handle his seizures. His 3rd grade teacher actually called us in for a conference and told us he was faking them to get out of school work. (Ugh) We quickly removed him and enrolled him into OHVA, where he was quickly accepted and the IEP team and teachers worked with us and his disadvantages and his many, many trips to Cleveland Clinic for long hospital stays. In fact, just his last April he had brain surgery to removed a tumor from his front left lobe in hopes to stop his seizures. Now we are in the recovery period and the IEP team and teachers are working wonderfully with us again :)!!! I had a 16 year this year who was determined to quit school and just try to get his GED due to years and years of bullying and teachers not teaching him the way he could understand. OHVA was our life saver in keeping him in school and continuing his education and he is enjoying and doing well. (whew) Our 9 year old was also being bullied in school and taking him out has allowed him to blossom in OHVA and in his grades again. Our 6 year seemed bored in school, and we have already found out through AIM testing that he is testing well ahead so we are able to move ahead as he can instead of just staying on a lesson he already has mastered and is bored in....he is so excited learning new things instead of things he already knows again and again. To see my kids in all different situations BLOSSOM in OHVA Is making my husband and I smile from inside and out. What else can parents ask for. THANK YOU OHVA!
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