Living Large

by Courtney | September 11, 2013
Homebound/Medical, Science
I began homeschooling when I was in first grade. I had been in the hospital most of my life until the age of 4. I had been told that I was lucky. Most kids with my syndrome didn't live until 4. I beat those odds, and was rather strong willed..I had to be to deal with all of my medical conditions. Kindergarten was hard...I seemed to get every illness out there, so my mom pulled me out and began to homeschool. That summer I was told that I would never live until the age of 6. Well 6 came and went. It wasn't easy...hospitalized several times. But, I kept telling myself that I was meant for something. More homeschooling. I love it. I would even do school when I was too sick to get out of bed. My mom would read me the books and sit with the computer close by. Then came 10...the doctors were amazed. All of my friends from the hospital were all gone, they had passed away and I was the only one left. It was sad loosing them. I didn't always understand why I wasn't one of them. The doctors said that no one,,,no one had made it to 12. Well, 12 came and went. It was easier...less trips to the doctors, less tube,,,still a lot of shots....then 13. A new doctor took me off all the shots. I totally maintain my health with the foods which I eat. I just had a surgery but they said that it might be my very last. And guess what...I am 80% symptom free. So whether it is schooling, or even them how it's done. You can do it. I am in high school now and living large. I can't wait to use this life I was given to become the best Forensic Paleontologist ever. Thank you WAVA and the great teachers that have stood by me all those years.
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