by Cathleen | September 11, 2013
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Our son started with k-12 in first grade. We were so thrilled when we got our supplies. Within a week or so he was flying through lessons. School became something he wanted to do. One of the great things about k-12 is that he can work at his own pace. We have never been overwhelmed. We know what he's learning, how he's doing and how to help him when he's stuck. School was no longer a mystery where the teacher told us he needed to improve in a certain subject. Now we enjoy school together. We share stories and talk about the moral of the story or what impact the story had on History. K-12 has brought us closer together. There's no more pressure from other children to fit in and we choose who we want around him. No more bus rides on icy roads and no danger of someone hurting him.This may sound over protective but in traditional school he was sent home bloody from the playground, students twice his age were pushing him down and the teacher was doing nothing about it. When I spoke to the teacher she did nothing for weeks. When I scheduled an app. with the principal she told me she knew nothing about it and the teacher didn't even show up for the meeting. K-12 is great I speak or email his teacher every week. Our son is doing great his grades are wonderful. I wouldn't have it any other way. It's very gratifying to be such a big part of his education. K-12 is something that if you really try you'll never leave and it will change your life.
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