How K12 Had a Great Impact on my Life

by Dante | September 4, 2013
Advanced Learner, Asperger's/Autism, Non-traditional Learner, Working Student, People Who Changed a Life, From Struggling to Thriving, Math
Hi, my name is Dante Call. I am in the 9th grade at Agora Cyber Charter School. My first school was good, but by the fourth grade, I was having a lot of problems with other people. What’s my problem? I have the Asperger Syndrome. I cannot work with loud noises, blinking lights, screaming, heights, or bullying. I also needed a TSS (Therapeutic Support Staff) by my side to keep me calm and focused. I was bullied for four years. People would laugh at me when I would get frustrated for getting something wrong. Others used to pick on me because I was different. I had a tough time making friends at that time. Other people would get me annoyed and frustrated, and hearing them scream made me want to scream. The students wouldn’t even try to work with my ideas or hypothesis and I was always feeling left out. Now that I have moved to K12, I don’t need to worry about that any longer. I finally get to relax and work with people who don’t bully me. I always get to participate without being annoyed by stupid things like some kid behind me shooting paper balls at me in lunch with a straw. Plus, I get to make more friends in new and interesting programs that were not available in my last school like Foreign Languages Club, Martial Arts, and even Game Design. At first, I was nervous about leaving the school. I knew there were going to be changes, which made me kinda worried. I knew I was going to leave my other friends from that school, and I was going to be much missed, but this school turned to be better. I am making progress in controlling my anger problems and staying alert when testing and doing other school/homework. The DefineU sessions teach me leadership skills, team work, and help me to lead a group without being too harsh to the people I am with. The ALP program lets me work at my own pace so I can take harder classes that are interesting and challenging to me. I no longer need a TSS and I am participating in and enjoying school more than I ever have before. I am getting good grades, I just finished my previous classes with A’s, B’s, and only 1 C, and I am feeling more confident than in my previous learning program. That is how K12 had an excellent impact on my life. This school is highly impressive and I would recommend it to any student out there with learning disabilities, anger management issues, or any other problems that is troubling them. Thank you, K12. Your proud and honored student, Dante L. :)
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