Great Things Come Out of Bad Situations

by Ilyanni | September 3, 2013
School Environment, Bullying, From Struggling to Thriving, Math
Hi my name is Ilyanni, and I am a 13 year old girl who at my previous school experienced bullying, fights, and cut backs towards public schools. At my old school I was constantly getting bullied and also getting called racial names because of my light skin. After a while of coming home crying because of being bullied and seeing my friends get beat up by other bullies, my mom decided to home school me. During the transitions from public school to home school, over 32 public schools were suffering cut backs causing students from other terrible schools to be cramped under one roof. Also, there were limited supplies when it came to textbooks because of the cut backs. Having switched to Agora in January 2013, I now have more time to focus on education instead of bullies. Also, I now have unlimited supplies. For example, textbooks, microscopes, coloring pencils, etc. Agora provides everything I need to succeed in my classes. In addition, I was struggling in math, however, Agora was able to provide me with National Math Lab which helped me to better my math skills. Thanks to Agora I am a first time Honor Roll student.
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