Betsy R., ARVA

by Betsy | April 6, 2020
from Betsy's mom: We were happy with the "brick and mortar" school that Betsy attended, but switched to ARVA starting her junior year so that she would hopefully have a little more flexibility to practice for rodeo without compromising the level of education she was receiving. I would argue that the quality and difficulty of her education through ARVA has been better than what she was receiving. That, along with the independence and organization that is required on her part, has better prepared her to be successful at college. She has also been able to travel more for rodeo since ARVA travels with her! And, she's been able to practice more. The end result is that she's ready for college academically and has also signed with one of the most winning and prestigious rodeo teams in the country at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, MO. Betsy will be pursuing Elementary Education, and MVC boasts a 92% placement rate for their education majors. She wouldn't be where she is today and prepared to launch into her future without ARVA.
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