2020 Learning Coach Appreciation

by Jy'ah | April 3, 2020
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My Learning Coach is the best . The best definition of a learning coach is just being their for you student and constantly helping and encouraging them. Sticking by their side and letting them know that they can do all things through Christ that strengthens you. So any thing that you think you cant do you can and you will just because of who you are and whos you are. My learning coach doesn't just teach me about school but she leads me by example she is everything that she says teaches is her everyday life and everyday of just being who she is and is called to be period. This Learning Coach that i am talking about is not only my learning coach she is my mom and more like my best friend my leader my pastor my song twin my twin by looks by actions by everything like she my heart and i really care about her and she just everything that i can ask for. So Thank you mommy i love you so much and Happy Learning Coach Appreciation .
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