I Love My Mom Because

by Kenneth | April 3, 2020
2020 Learning Coach Appreciation
I Love My Mom Because She helps me when I'm sick or hurt or just in life. Mom is one of those good moms because she helps raise me, my brothers, sister and she also has helped raise lots of other kids who don't have good mommy's like I do. My mom has spent all of her time taking care of everyone that she doesn't stop and take care of herself. I see her sit and cry sometimes because she is so tired or because she is worried about me, my brothers, my sister, my niece or nephew or my daddy. But no matter how tired or sick or worried she is about herself she never stops caring for us or others. I know that my mom prays a lot for us and for people that she doesn't even know very well. Sometimes I will hear a sad story on the news about someone hurting little kids and i will see my mom close her eyes and say a prayer for that little kids or their family then she will look at my daddy and say, "I wish I was a millionaire, because I would take all the little kids that people don't want or the ones that keep getting hurt!" My mom also loves me no matter what I do, she loves me through my goofy times, messy times, lazy times, sad times and even when I have really bad meltdowns. MY MOMMY LOVES ME! So you see that's why I love my mommy SO VERY MUCH! She loves without wanting anything in return from anyone, she does for everyone without getting money for it and she prays like there is no tomorrow for her to pray again. When i was little i wanted to grow up to be just like my mommy but now i know that I can't do that because I'm a boy. but I do want to have a BIG heart just like her when I get to be old like her. But I pray that someday God will let me find someone to spend the rest of my life with that is a sweet, loving, kind and beautiful just like my mom. My daddy always says if we find someone half a great as mom then God has really blessed us. My big brother got lucky with his wife, but she still isn't mommy, but he has been blessed. OH I forgot she can cook really really really good too! I wrote this for my mommy for Mother's Day last year Mikal P. 2019
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