My Learning Coach

by Randy | April 3, 2020
2020 Learning Coach Appreciation
My learning coach works hard every day. She spends her time with me to help me learn math, science, reading, and history. Sometimes, we go on trips and I learn about life in Louisiana. We've been to the sculpture garden, canoeing, and on hiking trials. Each time, I get to learn more about where I live and the fun things there are to do in Louisiana. My favorite outing we have been on was canoeing. I was scared to get in the water, but she encouraged me to try. We flipped the canoe and got all wet! I was able to get over my fear. I learned that canoeing is not scary and that I will be ok if I flip into the water. Since the coronavirus, we have had a lot of changes, but my learning coach has worked hard to make sure I am still learning. We meet by the pool. She has it sectioned off just for us! I think it is really cool that all my friends are complaining that they are bored, but I still have lots to do. I am still learning! My favorite thing about my learning coach is how patient she is. When we first started, I had a hard time with reading. No one had taken the time to help me learn. Now, I read very well. I write well too! Because of my learning coach- I am no longer afraid to read in class. I read more on my own too! While my teachers help teach me new things, my learning coach helps catch me up on things I have missed or need to improve on. She may be tough, but I know it's because she wants to help me. I appreciate her.
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