♥Thank you Learning Coach!!!♥

by ♥Jada♥ | April 1, 2020
2020 Learning Coach Appreciation
My learning coach is my wonderful mom....WAIT guys, read the whole thing, don't just read one part of my post, or look at my post, and say WOAH!!!, too much, i'll read that later, but never come back to read it. Yeah, i know how y'all be doin these posts LOL!!!. Thank you :)....if you even read it all LOL!. But as I was saying. My learning coach is my wonderful mom, Shes very helpful, and shes always there to help me with my homework when I need it, even when I don't ask for help, she still ask's me do I need it. My mom is very hard working, and when I need help with my homework which is "barely even never, because I understand every single bit of my homework", she's always there to try to solve the problem to my answer, even if it takes her all day, she wont stop until we get the answer right, and until I understand it fully. My mom doesn't only help me understand my homework, and helps me with it, but she helps me understand the real life world as well. My mom is such a wonderful learning coach, even though I do all of my homework by myself, because i understand all of it. That's how you know I got a fantastic learning coach, "When she teaches you your homework, and then when you hit the 7th grade+ don't need no more help LOL" PS i'm not a 7th grader i'm a 9th grader. Everyone has a perfect mom, but mines is the perfect one for me. #I love everyone else's posts, they are very lovely posts. Please heart my post as well as I do y'all's. Don't just look at the heart, and say well my mama is sooo much better than this, this don't deserve no heart, so i aint" clickin that heart, LOL!!!. "PS i'm not country either, just because I say ya'll LOL!!!. PEACE OUT!!!♥♥♥
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