A Life Change

by Neshialy | August 29, 2013
Back to School, School Environment, Bullying, Flexibility/Lifestyle, People Who Changed a Life, From Struggling to Thriving
When I first got here, everything was a little bit messy in my life. The public school I had gone to was pushing me to limits I couldn't reach, and I had just figured out I had ADD. They were comtemplating on whether I should take medication or not. I refused any sort of treatment for my disorder. They'd have to take me for who I was. Then, my mother saw a K12 commerical. She looked it up, and she read reviews. She loved it. At first, I did, too. I started, and I loved it. But, I missed my friends. Though, being in K12 was a refreshing experience. I got better grades, once I started. My F's turned into A's, and I didn't take any medication. I found that I had time to spend with friends, since I could finish school at any time, every day. This summer, I spent half of it with my friends. I actually was staring to warm up to K12. Then, I found out that more of my friends were doing K12, which got me excited. Before school started, I decided to review what I had learned the year before, by using the site, my notes, and the old books. First day of school came around, and I was ready. I got my Scantron done, and today, I finshed my first classes. It was a breeze. Being in K12 really changed my life. It's helped me focus on my schooling, and help me find what I plan on doing for work, in the future. I'm Neshialy, and K12 changed my life, and my learning.
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