K12 is amazing for us, because...

by April | August 29, 2013
From Struggling to Thriving
Hello all! We are a family of 6 :) I have a 15yr old and a 13yr old still in public b&m school (their choice). We also have Halle (9yrs old) & Chandler (10 yrs old) that are in k12. Halle and Chandler just weren't getting what they needed at their public b&m school. Chandler and Halle both had problems in certain areas, which resulted in an IEP for Chandler. I kept telling the staff at the school, that Halle needed an IEP also, it got no where. Halle & Chandler were both coming home with tons of homework every night. I would spend hours helping them and reteaching them the stuff they should have learned at school that day. When I would get their graded work back from school, everything we did at home had awesome grades on it. I cant say that for the stuff completed at school. I got their progress report and both of them had 70's in their classes. I couldn't understand, why? I had a conference with their teachers and it was the class work that was so low, bringing their grades down. That right there told me that something wasn't right. On top of their grades, Chandler started having full blown panic attacks when it was time to go to school. I couldn't get anything out of him about why this was happening. His teacher and me and a meeting about it, her response was HORRIBLE, she was so cold about it. With everything else going on, Halle was in 2nd grade and couldn't read. Chandler was in 3rd grade and could read on a K level. I tried working with them at home, but it seemed when they would go back to school, they would forget everything we had hurdled over and were back at square one. I was fed up... So Christmas break of 2012 was there mark. They never went back after that to a public b&m school. I started traditional homeschooling them because there was a wait for k12. After a few weeks of them being out of b&m school, they both were reading so well. Now remember... Halle couldn't read at all. Also when I say well, I mean well for them. They both have auditory processing disorder so its a challenge, but we made a HUGE leap to success once b&m was out of the way. This year is our first year (2013-2014) with K12/GCA. Not only have they listened to me about their needs and troubles, they have come up with AMAZING ways to help them both. We are now in our 3rd week of school and WE LOVE IT!! They are so excited to tell EVERYONE where they go to school. They look forward to doing school work and never want to stop at the end of the day, sometimes even wanting to work on the next days stuff, the night before. I am amazed at how much my kids have blossomed and grown just in 3 weeks with k12. I know that this was the absolute BEST decision for us. Halle & Chandler talk about the fun they have and how much they love it so much, the bigger boys are thinking of starting k12 next year. If it wasnt for this option for my kids, I dont know where they would be right now. Halle might still not be reading. Chandler was about to be put on anxiety meds (per request from his IEP teacher). Thank God we got out of there before that, I wasnt having that AT ALL. I cant thank the staff at k12 enough. I cant express how much this is a blessing to my family. I cant express how nice it is to have it all sent to your door at the cost of NOTHING. It is absolutely amazing and we are so grateful for this chance. My kiddos are soaring now and its all because of this awesome opportunity we as parents have to school our children at home at no cost. Thank you k12.... you have completely changed our lives for the better!!!
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