Learning Coach Appreciation

by Jadie | March 24, 2020
2020 Learning Coach Appreciation
Hello! My name is Jadie and I'll be submitting a photo that I drew for my learning coach. My mom (aka, my LC) has been with me for this entire ride, since the first day we joined k12. From multiplying fractions on our whiteboard to writing 4 page essays, we've always worked together. When I heard of this celebration, I was excited to create something for my LC to show to all the school. My mom is truly the best teacher I've had (I'm sorry Mrs. Bauer, and Mrs. Farnes, and Mrs. Ipsen XD) and I'm so lucky to have her here with me as I both start and finish my first year of highschool. For my mom, I sketched and colored in this picture of Tiger Lillies. These lillies bear flowers that stay in full bloom for long periods of time. They are natural air purifiers and fresheners and stand as a symbol of positivity and goodwill. They also represent friendship and love. This is for my mom, who I really love a lot! ♥
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