The Mother with a Heart that is Beyond any Value

by Hunter | March 24, 2020
2020 Learning Coach Appreciation, Learning Coach Appreciation
Many may say that silver, gold, and diamonds are the most valuable things a person can have. However, they would be wrong in my eyes. In my eyes, I see nothing that has more value than the loving care that is given to you. That is what my mother has done and still is doing for me every second that she gets. She has given me the strength to move anything that is in my path and to help those in need. She has given me the courage to stand up and face my fears. She has given me the love to spread across the world. She has even given me the mind and eyes to see everyone as equals. In my eyes, my mother has a heart that shines brighter than any star within the universe. Her heart is stronger than any diamond that is within the ground. When I see my mother, I don't see her as just my mom, but as a shining beacon of hope, love, and kindness. No matter how many times we may argue, I will always see her as my beacon. I'd do anything in the world to make sure that my mom was safe and happy. No matter how many fights I'd have to get, how many hits I'd have to take, or how many cuts and bruises I'd get. I would endure it all just to protect my mother. All of this I would do for her, because I know that she would do the same in return. That is why I will always see her as more valuable than anything in this world.
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