An Artist and Agora

by Alexis | August 28, 2013
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K12 helped me in my time of need. I was bored with school, and thought it was caging my talents and creativity. When I started, I was struggling in science. It took me awhile, but when I had a C in science, and an A in everything else, I knew I had a problem. Slowly, I got ready to ask for help, but my teacher beat me to it. She taught me everything I did not understand, in private sessions after class. I finished that year with a 99.6% in science. With that help, I was brave enough to break out of my shell, and try to speak in class. Another bonus with K12 and Agora, was that it let me be creative. I always had a passion for the arts, but school would never let me work with them. I stayed up way too late to read, write, paint, and draw. With Agora though, things were different. I was able to write during my lunch, and between classes. After school, I had enough homework so that I could learn, but little enough so I could paint my newest masterpiece. There was a mandatory art class, which I was very fond of, plus optional art clubs to express your creativity, and learn new things. There is a club for everything, even chess! Out of all the schools in Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas, my mom choose Agora. That was one of her best choices ever. Thank God for Agora, and all of it's amazing staff!
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