MGLVA is the best decision I ever made.

by Genevieve | March 22, 2020
2020 Learning Coach Appreciation, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Graduation
I originally had the choice of going to K12 or another Online schooling option. I remembered as an 8th grader, going into High School, the many commercials for K12 I saw. I was shocked to hear how many people attend K12, even MGLVA more specifically. I was intimidated, and a little stressed to figure out where I wanted to go to High school at, virtually. It wasn't for long since my Learning Coach helped me along the way. She told me that everything would be okay and that she knows it's an adjustment for me going virtually instead of B&M. My learning coach was always there for me and will continue to be there for me. She gave me countless amounts of hugs and motivational talks. Even when I was bad at a subject, she never got frustrated or pushed me more and more in an unhealthy way. She was and still is understanding. She has a job and some days can get super hectic, but she still helps me with school, talks to me, cheers me on, and logs my attendance in. She's an amazing Learning Coach- and without her, I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am now as a graduating Senior. Thanks LC- I appreciate it more than you'll ever know!!!!
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