My Learning Coach is My Rock

by Braden | March 20, 2020
2020 Learning Coach Appreciation
Learning coach, educator, instructor, advisor, mentor and tutor, my mom is all of these but most of all she is my biggest supporter and fan. My journey to TVAH started the end of my sophomore year of high school asking to be homeschooled after an injury and surgery took me away from a sport I loved. I was an athlete, that’s who I was for so long, that’s what I did. Who was I now? Who were my friends? What were my interests going to be if I couldn’t play hockey? My parents pushed back and I had a miserable junior year at school but I found music, my new love. Through this journey my mom was always there, supporting me. Pushing me to do my best. She researched and found K12 for me, my parents agreed to let me homeschool for my senior year. I think my mom was sad at first because she thought I would be missing out on the most important year of high school but she now sees how happy I am. I am on the honor roll, excelling in my classes and doing what I love- making music. I now spend every extra moment writing lyrics, mixing music, singing and performing. I had no idea where this would take me but I knew this was how I wanted to spend my future. My mom was unsure how this could ever be a career but took the time to investigate schools for me and we started going on college visits. She found schools that had programs that offered a BS in Audio Engineering and Audio Production. We went to see schools in Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, and other places. I narrowed my choices to the Art Institute of Austin and the Art Institute of Dallas. Once again, my mom helped me apply for their high school scholarships. She made sure I met all the deadlines and I was working on the music piece I would submit. I submitted to both schools and to my amazement, became a finalist at each location. Along with my entry, I sent recommendation letters from my teachers at TVAH, my counselor and my honor roll certificate. I truly believe this helped show the judges a full picture of what kind of hard-working student I am and how much I wanted to win. During this process, I realized that my heart wanted to attend school in Dallas. I felt more comfortable on the campus and it all just “fit”. I bowed out of being a finalist at Austin so another deserving student could take my place. My mom was right there cheering me on and telling me whatever decision I made it would be the right one. Not to worry about winning the scholarship, just make the best decision for me and where I felt I would get the best education. That’s how my mom is, always puts others ahead of herself. All the finalists at the Dallas location were invited to have dinner with the President of the school to see who would win. My immediate family all attended my parents and my sister. I was so excited to hear my name called as the 2020 High School Initiative Scholarship Winner! I won fifty percent off my tuition, such a great achievement. My parents are so proud but I think my mom was more excited than I was. I could not have won without her constant praise, encouragement, and enthusiasm. I love my mom and I know my mom loves me. She shows me every day in the things she does. It can be something simple like bringing me a snack during a class connect or making sure my whiteboard is up to date. My mom is not only my biggest fan, but she is also my learning coach at TVAH and in life.
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