Always the opposite

by Maria | August 27, 2013
Non-traditional Learner, Science
I have two kids Samaya who is 10 and Antonio who is 8. We have a running joke in the house that they are so opposite of each other. If I give the option of grape or strawberry jelly they each choose a different jelly. When I go to make ramen instead of making 2 packs of the same flavor they each want a different flavor. Antonio likes to dance and Samaya likes basketball. So when something happens that they choose different we always say, "Always the opposite." This also rings true when it came to their education. They are both bright, and eager learners. However, Samaya was feeling unchallenged at school and Antonio was not getting enough attention. Samaya always got either A/B or A honor roll and she loves school, but she also felt like something was missing. She started to feel unchallenged and some of the things the school offered she needed more. Antonio loves school, and he loves to learn. However, he was falling behind in reading and spelling. I noticed that I needed more one on one time with him to finish math homework and reading. With many children in one class I can imagine the difficulty of giving that much needed one on one with a student needing that help. So as a family we decided to homeschool. As I searched for my options I came across K12. It still is a public school but just at home. I thought how great that this school can cater to my children even though they are so opposite! My daughter can flourish and be more independent and my son can have that much needed one on one time that he needs. We are so excited to start our first year with K12 and my husband and I look forward to seeing great changes within our children!
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