Well, what do we do now, Frederick?

by Dreana | December 2, 2019
2019 Art Contest, Bullying, Family Values
This story is about a girl named Tori and her cat, Frederick. Tori found Fred outside a donut shop, and took him home. Unfortunately, her boyfriend was allergic. So sadly, he had to go. After about a year since her boyfriend left, Tori got offered a Space ship ride from a random raffle she entered. The ticket said to bring a plus-one, so she brought Frederick. After about 20 minutes in the space ship, Things began to go wrong. The captain lost control of the ship. Things began breaking. Soon enough, the captain led everyone to escape pods. Well, almost every one. Tori and Frederick were left. The captain forgot about them. The only thing keeping them alive were the helmets on their head. Then, A light? Was that what it was? Tori saw a light. Tori grabbed Frederick. Where they saved? Really? Suddenly, Everything went black. When Tori woke up again, she was in a hospital. She saw her parents, but, where is Fred? She started freaking out. "Where is he? I need him!", her mother reassured her that Fred was just at the vet, getting a check up. They told her to rest, so she did. When she woke, she was sitting in her old bed, with Fred silently sleeping on her chest. Every thing is better now, she thought, as she pet Fred. Everything is better. This story is a metaphor for how a person might feel after being bullied. left all alone. secluded. in the story, Tori and Fred get saved. This shows that there is still hope, don't give up. I hope you enjoyed reading.
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