my Bully story

by Jaidyn | November 20, 2019
2019 Art Contest, Acts of Kindness, Breakthrough Moments, Bullying, From Struggling to Thriving, Why My School is AWESOME
Hello today im going to tell you about my bullying issue well at my old school grace point there were kids there who would say things like your not pretty or you stupid your not good enough for school and that hurt me and one time this kid lets call her M so m was rich and pretty she would push me down and when try to trust her and tell her my secrets she would tell everyone and that would give more things to make fun of me about and stole my bestfriend Jessie Anna she started to judge me make faces at me and another girl lets call her L well l called me chubby and said other awful things about me even the teacher would fail me they would say like if you tell ill bring a sharp thing to school so my mom had a enough with them and brought me here theres no bullying the teachers are amazing and I love my school that's my story bye ~Jaidyn~
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