Choma (CBW)

by Brianna | November 18, 2019
2019 Art Contest
This is a from-scratch sketch of characters I found in an old sketchbook. The lovey-dovey-looking axolotl is a pampered pet named Mota. The white fox is a rare Asian fox named Yo-be, who originally has a human form, so she might be a kitsune. The winged catlike creature is named Choma, the original daughter of Chona, a protagonist from Chona Black & White, an old series I made in previous sketchbooks. She is a malion, which is what it looks like, only with magical powers such as healing magic. Her main elemental attribute is light, so she has light and healing magic. It's been a long time since I elaborated on Choma's story last. So, at the moment here are just some ideas: Choma is possibly sent to an alternate Earth to stop an enemy from growing stronger there. Or, she is sent there to recover from a near-fatal fight at her home planet. Or maybe even both! By the way, my old sketchbooks say she has a Realicle form that is even more powerful than her original form. There was also an ancient enemy she had to fight alongside the just-as-ancient Halo Phoenix, who was originally disguised as a griffin at a point. The Realicle form thing may likely have to do with the ancient quarrel between the enemy and the Halo Phoenix; perhaps the Phoenix grants Choma the form. Advice for artists: Ibis Paint X and Adobe are both my recommendations for great art programs. Don't go for the apps for small kids if you want a nice, cool interface with cool tools! (NOTE: Adobe is more professional and advanced, so it's like "the next level.") Advice for writers: I recommend using Notes, OneNote, or Microsoft Word to draft stories you want to write. Please do not use Wattpad as it is too social and risky. If you want to publish stories after drafting them, look up how to do so on the Web. Take note of anything that mentions age! In K12, I found a careers thing that shows you all of the in-depth details (including money you can earn) of careers you would like to choose. I first found it in Grade 8. My personal preferences involve art and creative writing.
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