Love roses

by Janeth | November 17, 2019
2019 Art Contest
My inspiration is I love nature, like the smell of the flowers, watched the blue sky, hear the birds sing. I was born and raise in a farm, live near a creek, hear the roosters sing in the morning, pick up the fresh eggs, feed the chickens, pastored the sheep and milk the cows. Eat fresh vegetables from our garden, see the sun come up, watched the sunset with my family. Tell stories around the wooden fire, drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. Trow rocks at the creek, hear the crickets singing, the frogs croak. Listen to the coyotes howling at the full moon, watched rabbits hopping around, squirrels running up and down the trees. What a beautiful scenery, peace and quiet. Especially feeling loved, protected by my parents, eating all together, laughing at our jokes in the table. When it starts to rain you can feel the breeze in your face, the wet dirt smells so good. And see where the rain fall is coming from over the mountains and hear the thunders and lighting light up the sky. And love to play under the storm and get wet and jump in the puddles. After I get all muddy my mother prepares us our bath and makes us a delicious atole ( hot-corn beverage with chocolate ). So excited to experience all this things, that makes me so happy. Have a walk with my family through the hometown and buy us a popsicle and enjoy a relaxing time. Go to the basketball court watched each team play. And if we feel like eating more we will go and eat some taco street. So lovely memories of my childhood and still have the pleasure of doing them still. And can't wait to continue on with my lovely journey and treasure all of my favorite moments of my life.
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