Jack (from RD)

by Brianna | November 15, 2019
2019 Art Contest
This character is inspired by the Jack of Diamonds card from the card-board game called Sequence. I figured that since Alice in Wonderland has the Queen of Hearts and such, perhaps I could create a whole Sequence Kingdom of the Four Suits. Also, the Jack of Diamonds is my favorite card in that game. Basic info: Jack of Diamonds, 30-something, male, light element, a people person, has a few weird phobias of things, protective of Rainia Aron (more info of Rainia at my rainbowy, black-haired girl drawing) and is Rainia Aron's "best-best friend". Has the ability to sneak up on people and therefore suddenly seem to "appear" behind them, can pull objects (mostly cards) out of his sleeves. So this guy is introduced into my series Rainbow Dreams when Rainia Aron stumbles into Versia. Jack was framed by Loptr, Rain's cheat and ex, for casting spells to get fame. But all of Jack's fame was genuine, no matter how strong it is. He got it all by traveling, appearance, personality, status, etc. Over the course of "The Fame Frame", Jack eventually becomes Rain's "best-best friend" and he and Rain form a bond with each other. Jack becomes a secondary main character in Rainbow Dreams, as does Daikinno Harau (more info at the purple-haired anime boy drawing).
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