Rainia Aron (main char of RD)

by Brianna | November 15, 2019
2019 Art Contest
This character is the primary main character of Rainbow Dreams. Her name's Rainia Aron, from the title of course, and basic stuff about her is: 15, female, light element, kind of an optimist, usually nice mainly unless someone else isn't nice, brave enough to do heroic things, a planner. Since I kept changing her appearance, name, etc., I decided to make her old forms into a story: She used to be a dragon-human queen named Rainbeam, then stumbled into a portal and became a cat-human named Niko who befriended Casket (a humanlike goat) and Blazer (a mysterious boy who always wore a mask). Then after killing a titan, she sees another portal and has a vision that urges her to go into it because it is her destiny. She bids a very sad farewell to her friends and becomes Rainbow the cat-human at a planet called Latecia. Then she goes into another vision-guided portal (this time in a painting) to a planet called Versia, which has an Intergalactic Interaction Center space ship floating near it in its solar system. She drops the cat part of her human form and becomes Rainia Aron. She now has a best-best-friend named Jack and dumps a cheat in exchange for Daikinno Harau (more info for Harau on my purple-looking anime boy artwork). In the grade 8 school year of 19-20, I found careers for my art and creative writing hobbies. I knew that authors and artists could earn publicity, fame, and money, but the careers site I found helps me go way in-depth into the career choices. The career thing was part of my History class at K12.
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