Daikinno Harau (from RD)

by Brianna | November 15, 2019
2019 Art Contest
This is a character from my series called Rainbow Dreams. I'm super proud of how this digital artwork turned out 'cause I've tried hard to draw him, but could never be totally satisfied with his appearance. Had to take a pic instead of using imgbb.com, so the quality isn't as high as it could be. Anyways, this character appears in "Rainbow Dreams: Deadly Disease", a novel that I'm working on at Wattpad, a story app. Basically, the char's name is Daikinno Harau, 15, male, darkness element, playful, bit sadistic, a liar, something of a tsundere (as in he's kinda mean but gets nicer when characters get to know him), has a crush on Rainia Aron (the primary main character). He was created by Jack (another char) in a lab room in a huge space ship of interaction for Rainia Aron, to be her ideal love interest. Originally, he had a glitchy side, but maybe that side disappears later in RD. "Deadly Disease" itself is a story in RD about a strange alien disease that starts infecting visitors of the space ship called the IIC (Intergalactic Interaction Center). Rainia and her pals try to find the cure for the disease, and end up having to battle the aliens in order to ward both them and the disease off. If you wanna read my story when it comes out (if it comes out), Wattpad has a search option. The story will be under this username: NiaWrites_ In grade 8 of the 19-20 school year in the careers part of my History class, I saw that I can actually make a profit off of my art and writing. I always knew there were authors who made money out there, and artists, but I saw just how much money could be earned in the numbers. Also, my sharing experience has expanded with Wattpad and may continue expanding for my art as well. As for finding a way to share YOUR creations (and maybe even make money off of them).... ... If I can do it, you can do it! :3 (BUT, practice makes perfect of course, and I've been drawing and story planning for YEARS. So I suggest you practice too if you aren't already practicing.)
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