A New Magic to Make a New Adventure

by Anastazia | November 15, 2019
2019 Art Contest
Honestly, when I first heard about the art contest, I didn't know what to draw, like most people. Eventually, though, I looked at the prompt. Artistic Adventure. Soon, I realized that the character I wanted to draw hasn't had an adventure before, so I decided to give her a little bit of magic and send her on her way on her first adventure. I still don't know a lot about this character, but I hope to write about her one day and have her story printed on my shelf. Maybe even this image or a variation of this will be on the cover. I don't even have a name for this character, but I sometimes don't figure out final names until the end of their story. Then I completely change them all. This character, though, I will explain her story that I have so far: Jacqueline (Let's just call her that for now) had lived an ordinary life until she unlocked her secret powers. not a single soul knew of them, including Jacqueline. One dark night, she was walking in a very secluded area. Not a single human wandered about the chill night. Instead of feeling lonely, or even cold with the lack of humans and warmth, she just pondered with a sweet smile on her face as she sat on a bench that overlooked a lake. 'I wish I was special.' She thought her final thought of the night before she got up and left the beauty as it was almost the next day already. Only minutes later, her hand started glowing. She rose it to her face and stared at it in awe. She was special then. But special came with a price. The price was confidentiality. If anyone had learned what she could do, they would surely do their worst. This frightened young Jacqueline, but she didn't care much at the moment. She glanced over at the lake she was following along to see what she looked like from a distance away. There was nothing to be seen, though. There was nothing but glowing lights that formed her eyes and her hand. At first, Jacqueline thought it was only the water playing tricks on her. She thought the light wasn't shining on her face enough for the reflection to show. So, she moved her glowing hand to her face, which also left a trail of glittering magic in the air. What she saw though, wasn't what she expected. Instead of her face, there wasn't anything there. There wasn't even a simple light shining on the skin of her face. This terrified her enough for her to turn back the way she came. Eventually, she came across a figure dressed similar to what she wore earlier that night. When she ran up to her and asked for help, the figure didn't respond. Jacqueline ran up and shook her shoulders, begging and pleading for help. That's when she saw her face. Jacqueline was staring at herself. Cold and frozen. That was a lot of fun to write hope to make that a full novel someday, but I already have a couple of books lined up for me to write before I can write her story. I hope you enjoyed that little snippet. Did you figure out what she was staring at? Spoiler, she was staring at her dead body. So, she was a ghost with fire or light powers (Haven't decided on that either). I think in this world, I'll have a Grimm Reaper come pay a visit to her and have her go on some special mission to keep everyone alive for as long as possible because something happened on Earth and people keep spontaneously dying (like my character here!). I can't wait to write this novel now!!! Don't steal my ideas! Everyone has the freedom to have creativity, but it isn't creative to steal. Bye for now!
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