Fruitifuzz Bita, Axim, and Ahrgy

by Iris | November 15, 2019
2019 Art Contest
( These are my original characters. I actually have more than 30 of them, but I'm just sharing a few of them right now. Hope you like 'em! :3 ) Three Fruitifuzz meander up to the pumpkin patch atop a luscious hill. Beautiful beams of sunlight strike the rolling waves of green. With giant pawsteps, Bita the Giant Atlantic Pumpkin settles down to her namesake squash. Her orange striped fur mimicked that of the giant gourd. Ahrgy followed close behind, waddling to the right of the Giant Pumpkin up to a smaller round one. "Ooh!" He squeaks, his scowl fading as he lays his paws on the dark ginger gourd. "A sweet pie pumpkin, just like me!" He turns around and gazes down the hill, getting steeper with each pawprint. Axim pants and bounces her way up. "What took you so long?" Ahrgy pipes to the Turban Squash Fruitifuzz. His scowl returns as he taps his little clawed feet against the soft, dense grass. Axim settles by the squash to the left of untalkative Bita, brushing down her red and green fur. "Patience, Ahrgy. My legs are small!"
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