A Perfect Solution

by Ryan | August 24, 2013
Flexibility/Lifestyle, Science
The journey my family has been on over the past 3 years has been quite and adventure and K12 has been an answer to one of my big obstacles in our path. In May of 2011 I started medical school at Ross University. The school is set up where we do 16 months on the Caribbean Island of Dominica then the rest of our 2 years of clinical rotations in US hospitals around the country. The challenge of what to do with your daughters education along the way has been a big one for us to work through but K12 has been an answer to that difficult question. We were fortunate to have a good private school on my campus while on the island that was affordable. But coming back to the states where we may have to change cities every 6 weeks or so for a different clinical rotation has been interesting. We started by having my wife and my daughter live with my parents for a while so our daughter Joy could finish 2nd grade at the same school. Summer came and we moved to Atlanta and we knew we would be here for an extend time just not 100% perfect for school schedules. We then thought that home school would be the way to go and K12 has been awesome. We are fortunate to have a very motivated 8 year old that really enjoys learning so it transition to a home school education has been fairly easy. The ease of her and my wife being able to follow the curriculum laid out and logging everything on the computer has been wonderful. We can now rest assured that in spite of my crazy schedule at the hospital, our daughter will not miss a beat when it comes to her education and the consistency of a continuous program. Thank You K12 and GA Cyber!!!!
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