Art In Itself

by Angela | November 14, 2019
2019 Art Contest, Breakthrough Moments, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Non-traditional Learner, Go For Your Gold
I believe that art in itself is the adventure of the artist. In painting/drawing/sketching/etc. the artist expresses him or herself in ways they would never be able to in the real world. Art can take you to the highest peaks of your imagination, or let you vent out the lowest valleys you might find yourself in, and allow you to start over and view you triumphs and predicaments in a new light. For me, art allows me to create characters and universes, and give them life and color. It allows me to see the adventures in my own head and display them on paper. It allows me to show everyone else what I've created and it lets them enjoy the same adventure I've had in my own mind. For me, this picture is an embodiment of the artistic adventure. It's creating pictures, (like the characters and buildings in the background) from my own mind, and taking control of those thoughts to put them on paper. (The girl in the foreground is myself.) I hope I speak for all artists when I say that every page is an adventure, and every stroke is a journey to a masterpiece!
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