Not Just A Book

by Berakyah | November 14, 2019
2019 Art Contest
I have a strong passion for reading. Whether it's an autobiography, sci-fi, graphic novel, anything goes for me. This picture was inspired by the many experiences I have felt emotionally and how my imagination took that book into a real thing right around me. In this drawing, you will see a girl (me) reading a book. She is very focused and interested in it, so her imagination takes her into another world right before her. You see a portal like figure, showing the past of African-Americans suffering slavery. Then a giraffe peeking through a window, with a small bird beside it. Behind the couch where the girl is reading, a man has passed because he was fighting for his wife's life. In the background, it shows the couple's past, how much love and care they had for each other, like a romantic backstory. In the middle of the living room, a jaguar is sleeping. I wanted to have that as a dramatic part of the drawing, showing there still is a soft side to such a vicious portrayed creature. I hope you enjoy this expression of my some-what talent, and please consider me as one of the placers. Thank you, Berakyah D.
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