by Jonathan | November 13, 2019
2019 Art Contest
I was inspired by comic book heroes, such as the Red Tornado, Superman, Green Lantern, and Dr.fate as well as Doctor Strange. I took elements and ideas and took my own creative spin on them creating my character RED DYNAMITE. His powers are all powers I would've wished for if I was a superhero. Such as being able to create cosmic explosions out of hands tearing apart reality and space, super strength, speed, invulnerability, being able to travel through space and time, and always coming prepared with his everything- in- one utility belt. I was also inspired by spartan helmets as well so I gave him a cool yellow, red and green spartan inspired helmet. ORIGIN STORY: Before our hero became who you see before you, he was but a mild-mannered country boy farmer on the planet earth named Johnny Joseph Jones. Johnny was an open-hearted helpful, kind, caring, person. Always willing to help those in need no matter what. One day after a long day of sowing seed, feeding cows, and living his mundane life, our protagonist was simply slumbering when he hears a loud CRASH! He springs from his bed to see what caused such a loud noise. As he looks out of the window of his humble farmhouse, he sees a foreign and strange craft where his barn should be. " Thank my momma, I set all the cows out of the barn to the pasture before I dozed off!" In a rush of curiosity, he goes to sees what's the matter. He thinks: " it must be a meteor or something, but why does it have a door-".Johnnys thoughts are suddenly interrupted as he approaches the site of the crash, a loud SZZZZZT comes from the strange ship. Its doors open, and some sort of video playing machine pops out playing a live message of some weird alien creature saying: " Habitant of planet earth I am K-09034 of plant Z-4589, our planet is in dire peril, and we have sent our secret weapon against our enemies, BEHOLD!!" The alien hologram says with excitement as a bottle of some sort of liquid ejects out of the ship. " I know it a lot to ask of you, earthling, though you may not know us, we beg for your help... if you drink the serum you will be granted extraordinary powers to help fight the good fight. Do you accept?" Johnny is surprised and bewildered by all that has just transpired. But despite all that, his true good-natured character shines through. " I'll do it!" he says without a shadow of a doubt, and chugs the serum, giving him the amazing, unfathomable powers of the cosmos becoming the aliens savor... RED DYNAMITE! In the picture we see our hero flying through space and time in an alternate alien universe, filled with weird planets and alien webs holding the planets together, off to his mission to help the aliens who need his help, who cannot defend themselves.
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