K12 Our port in the Storm

by Jim | August 21, 2013
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Due to economic situation, we found our selves living in a motel. Although, our room is more like a apartment in that our child has her own room and we have ours. The Motel we lived in is zoned for a very nice little neighborhood school. Our Daughter was going into the 2nd grade. From the very beginning our Daughter was signaled out for being "poor" Our Daughter is a small thin child (petite). In a day where being overweight is the norm for children, and Spanish was the primary language for the children in this School (we live in San Antonio Texas.) She was mocked for being "thin" she was called names in a language she did not understand. She would cry everyday when she came home. Every day and every afternoon the situation was the same. My wife, who has a damaged heart, from having chemotherapy (she had AML Leukemia.) Or I who has half a pound of metal in my right leg, from an IED explosion in Iraq (I proudly served in the Marines.) would have to walk 6 miles a day round trip (they do not provide bus service don't you know we live "to close" and so a little 7 year old girl would cry all the way to school, or cry on the way home either because she dreaded her day, or had a horrible day. Her Teacher yelled at her (yes, this was confirmed by investigation) and the front Office was horrible to her. This despite she received certificates for being an all A&B student and receiving a citizenship award. This is by the way from a school that looked nice, but had failed the State of Texas standard test 4 years in a row. When School let out this past June, we were racked with worry about what would happen in 3 months. A horrible repeat of last year. Someone at this Motel told us about K12 and their Daughter attending and suggested we check it out. We were amazed at what we found. Everyone we worked with was kind, understanding and helpful. They kept every promise they made. From our PAL to our enrollment coordinator (Sandi) everyone was just great. While this will be our first year with K12, we have no doubt it will be an unmitigated success. Both my Wife and I have advanced degree's and feel we can teach our Daughter, in a better way than a woman who yelled at her. We feel like we can choose friends for her that will not call her nasty names in a foreign language or make fun of her for being thin. We feel like we can give her an awesome academic year. More importantly we feel like we can continue to impart our morals on her. Not in a religious sense (we are, but that is not our goal.) We can begin the school day with a bible story, nurture her, love her and promote her self worth. My Mama always told me the three greatest things you can give a child are to 1) Love her Mother 2) Give her a good education 3) Give her a sense of self worth. Well I adore her Mother, K12 gives us the chance to do the rest. No longer will my child have to wake up at 6am and walk in cold rain to a school where she was not welcome because of her blue eyes, blonde hair and being poor. She can not help any of that. She is an incredible student who loves to learn. We are so thankful to K12 and TXVA to aloe us this opportunity. We know she will succeed. If she chooses to go back to a brick and mortar school in Middle School or High School we know she will be advanced, rather than having a dumbed down primary education because 20 out of the 30 students in her over crowded class did not get it. Thank you K12. This is an opportunity, that we view to salvage our beautiful Kara's education, her self esteem. We are responsible for her education along with her teachers. We are so thankful for this chance. Are we grateful for this chance? In more ways and in more than words can express. I would remind all that your child is your most precious resource. Our Daughter has said she wants to be a M.D. Time will tell. But when I see her accept her college diploma. I'll remember the day we got the acceptance letter from K12. Jeb and Angela
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