Life Is And Adventure

by Madison | November 8, 2019
2019 Art Contest
Life is the biggest adventure you can go on. Your always experiencing something new; it could be about yourself, someone or something. There's ups and downs, laughs and cries. You're going to experience it alone and with others. You gain and you lose. Your adventures can vary from people, education, self-discovery, hobbies, to nature, health etc. And every day is a new adventure... I made this LITERALLY pixel by pixel.... My art consists of the word 'Life' in a graffiti type of font, with the heart beat pulse, a male and female and a little heart above them, vines and a couple of flowers on them surrounding the word 'Life,' a diploma rolled up with a medal strapped around it, and a cross right above it. I was trying to do this all on paper, but I either didn't really have the certain utensils or they utensils wouldn't cooperate with me, so I decided to do it on computer! It may not be the most organized-or best, I really am artistic just not when I don't have many supplies- but it has a good meaning...
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