The Daydream

by Lauren | November 8, 2019
2019 Art Contest
For my art piece, I wanted to do a girl having a daydream of all of the things she likes and wanted to do. For instance, I painted in a forest showing that she wanted to be there enjoying nature and the lovely sunset happening in the background. Then, I Painted in a ramune bottle showing that she was thinking of having a refreshing drink later with some candy. I also painted in a mermaid revealing that she is also thinking about mythological creatures because you don't see them in everyday life. And the small animals show that she wants to maybe own one as a pet or think about them because fluffy animals can make some people smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And then the balloon shows how sometimes she wishes she could float away in the sky with the clouds. I based this painting on all the things I like in it.
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