I am more

by Hannah | August 20, 2013
School Environment, Bullying, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Breakthrough Moments, Homebound/Medical, From Struggling to Thriving
My whole life I have battled with anxiety/depression, yet I was always the girl that strives to put smiles on others faces growing up in school. I was also bullied, every year there was some kind of hurt that built up over the time I spent in Elementary and Junior High School. What made it worse, was knowing that kids my age knew what I struggled with at home and still kept needling at me. My mom battles with Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and has a past of two Pulmonary imbalism episodes. It has always been hard watching life balance on tightrope. As I grew up switching to different schools, I would strive to find my place as an individual. I was always known as the different girl, and for that I struggled with who I was. Toward the end of Freshman year, I pressed into my youth group where I found a greater hope that for I what I had always been searching for before. During my freshman year however, was my breaking point. My mom started to find herself in a state of depression and battled with PTSD due to my grandma's passing. My walks to school seemed to grow longer do to knowing the suffering my mom battled everyday. I lost all my friends second semester, and everything looked bleak when I found myself in a place where I didn't want to live anymore. That was scary. It was scary, because I knew I was better than to think so darkly. It was frightening to think I had reached a point where I felt unloved, when I knew I was. Feeling lonely, when I knew I had my mom. Feeling empty, even though I had so much to live for. I decided enough was enough, and found k12. k12 has been the most wonderful commitment and education I have ever had. I could study while being an encouragement to my mom. Because of that, my mom has now slowly started to come out of her depression and sadness. We have laughed together, cried together, and have learned the true meaning of friendship between a mother and daughter. That while we found ourselves at a broken state, we fought depression together and came out stronger. Life has only gotten better. My mom recently started a new treatment that has been a part of a biological breakthrough in medicine. I have also grown in being an encouragement to others, and loving others through missions work. My anxiety, is completely gone. The years I struggled with bullying, gone. Though I am the different girl, I find it to be quite nicer than just the average. If we didn't have the unique individuals, then who would change the world? I have been given the full confidence, to be confident in myself. I am able to achieve whatever I set my mind to, that I am a strong and bold individual capable of accomplishing absolutely anything. I am more than my past, and I am more than the sticks and stones thrown at me. I get back up. I am stronger, and I am unique. Most importantly, I can do all things because I am more than my circumstances that I have faced and will face. As I begin my senior year, I look ahead into my future. Into success, into a powerful testimony, and into a life that was changed by taking the step in being apart of k12. I'm only one of hundreds, no, thousands that have a powerful k12 story, why not you? Be a part of it.
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