John says, Welcome to my HOMEroom!

by Debbie | August 20, 2013
From Struggling to Thriving, Reading
Hello! This is our little man, John. We are Bob & Debbie but to him, we are just Papa & Maw~maw. John is entering third grade this year. He began this this home school journey in the middle of second grade. We were very involved with John's education, communicated frequently with his teachers and became very concerned about his future when the public schools decided, no, demanded he should be treated with ADHD meds. I am an RN however, I am losing my sight, so the decision to make the move to home school took us nearly a year. I was terrified to have the entire future of his education in my hands. Could I do it? Could he, would he be able to make the progress needed to become the man we pray he can be? What about his social needs? I had heard so many stories about home schooled kids. Mostly, that they were above average academically but severely lacking socially. Faced with the inevitable medication fight, we took the leap! The first few weeks were chaos to say the least! Exciting, nerve wracking and educating for ALL of us. The hubs accepted dinner might be late, the laundry will keep and just how important his life lessons are for John. Bob is one of those men who are "the jack of all trades master of none." I don't think he realized the value in all of the things he was teaching John in the garage, he sure does now. I found out I CAN teach, organization is seriously under rated and that watching John actually learn and feel himself succeed filled my heart to overflowing! I cannot express enough the complete reverse in John's attitude towards school. When we started he was so discouraged he wouldn't even TRY to read. By the end of the school year, he was trying to read everything he sees! The b&m public school had told us "John may never catch up." As you can imagine this was a devastating conclusion and one we just could not accept. Because of K12 we were able to go back to the beginning of his 2nd grade year and from Feb. to June he completed the entire school year except for a couple of units of math. Clearly, it was not his ability that was lacking. However, when a child doesn't understand the material, then more and more material is piled on top of that, it doesn't take long before they just give up. I have to say, we had Mrs. Snyder as his primary teacher and she couldn't have been more wonderful. For the very first time in John's education it really was ALL about him. How does he learn and what's the best way to introduce the material to him? What can we do as a team to help him progress? ANY accommodations or help he needed she did everything in her power to get it done! Looking back, our ONLY regret was waiting that extra year. K12 also had so many activities that John wouldn't have (or at least hadn't) been exposed to like picnics, a nature walk, the zoo and the planetarium in Toledo. We had fun meeting other families and being that we were all home schooled it felt comfortable and inclusive. We do have a big family and those connections are very important to us. John is also a cub scout. Adding the school activities to our regular life made all of those worries about him having enough social contact just evaporate! This will be John's first full year at K12 and he is actually excited about starting school this year! I know parents can appreciate the value in that statement. No, John isn't "caught up" yet, but I have NO doubt that because of the path he now on ...HE WILL catch up. MUCH appreciation, Bob, Debbie & John
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