This is a graduation story that almost didn't happen!

by Melanie | August 17, 2013
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I have an amazing story to share with everyone & anyone who thinks that a virtual school is not a real school. I have 3 children that were in public school until 2011, and here is the reason why. We live in Las Vegas, NV, and as many of you know we have one of the most challenged school systems in the country. Clark County has been on the bottom of the list for many, many years running. In 2011, my two oldest children would be entering the twelfth grade & the youngest would be going into sixth grade. Hunter (my 5th grader at the time) who was always board in class, and would try to help the teacher by teaching other students that had fell behind, would often get into trouble for disrupting the class. When I asked him to just sit there and be quite in class, he said, so you want me to just sit and waste my time for 6 hours a day & every day I have to go to school? What do you say to that? Yes we had talked with the school many times about adding more challenging things for him, but we were told that was not in the budget. He came home from school one day & announced he would no longer go to public school! I said " Oh really Mr. Ward! then what do you intended to do at 11 years old, since the law says you have to go to school?" He said "I will think about a charter school but would prefer an on line school." I asked him why he wanted to go to an online school. Hunter said because he hasn't meet a teacher that was qualified to teach him, & he was wasting his time sitting in a class & not learning anything. This started our mission to find a school that would challenge his mind. We researched several options and arrived here at K-12. Well it doesn't end there. I decided my two oldest kids would finish their senior year with online school, and it was a good thing we did. Turns out that the high school had been so over crowded, that they had the students in elective course rather than required courses to balance out class size. Long story short, my seniors students would not have graduated on time had we continued in public school. K-12/Nevada Virtual Academy counselors discovered this issue & informed me how hard my students would have to work to graduate. I was not happy about the news! My kids had to commit to being more disciplined than when in public school & there was a lot of things that were not taught to them. It was starting to seem impossible to finish high school. When we started K-12 online school, it was amazing the amount of resources we had, that were never made available to us before. I am very proud to say, Shane & Chelsea both have 2012 Nevada virtual academy diplomas! We did not become another statistic for high school drop outs. Hunter will be entering into the 8th grade and has absolutely no anxiety about school. He is a 3rd year veteran at online school and works at a pace that is good for him. He talks with & e-mails his teachers when ever he needs to. I know exactly what has been done & what needs to be done. I have all my tools at my finger tips. The online school community is supportive, with clubs, groups & fields trips to attend. With online school we have teachers who are empowered to teach and inspire the student again, the future seems filled with possibilities. I am confidant we will see another K-12 graduate in the very near future. Thank You!
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