Adventure Awaits

by Elizabeth | October 28, 2019
2019 Art Contest
I love travelling and recently i was in Spain where i learned about a different culture and had a lot of fun while on this trip i did not have access to the art supplies i'm used to all i had was my tablets drawing app and a mechanical pencil so for this picture i drew it out then took a picture of it and redid it on my tablet this was actually a sight i saw in Spain there were a lot of rocky cliffs and all i wanted to do was climb to the top just like when i think of an art idea I just want to keep drawing til the picture turns out amazing. I started getting back in to art and drawing back in january and since then i have filled almost 3 sketchbooks. Art to me is something i never want to stop and is something that i love to do every day. This image is important to me because it reminds me to keep working towards climbing to the top. I am very excited to see where my journey as an artist takes me but what i do know is that ADVENTURE AWAITS!!!
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